If you have Admin status in Welcome Kit, you can change the design of your careers page (cover photo, logo, slogan, primary or secondary colour). To do this, simply click your logo in the top left, then the Careers Site section, and then the "Edit" button: 

The fourth tab, "Your Careers Site", can be accessed via  https://www.welcomekit.co/onboarding/account_infos and allows you to return to the same place:

To view the changes made, please wait a few minutes and clear your cache (Shift + F5 for Windows and CMD + Shift + R for Mac).

As a reminder, you can only make these changes if the following two conditions are met:

  • You have Admin status for your organisation
  • Your site is a single careers site

If your situation is different, please contact us using the chat tool at the bottom right or by email: hello@wttj.co!

Finally, please note that changes to your careers page will not have an impact on your Welcome to the Jungle profile.

For more information:

  • On how to edit your Welcome to the Jungle profile’s general information (name, logo, address, key data, etc.), click HERE
  • On how to modify editorial content (text, photo, video) on your Welcome to the Jungle profile, click HERE
  • On customised careers sites, click HERE
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