How to be notified of new applications and other developments from Welcome Kit

When you log into Welcome Kit, the red bell at the top right of the dashboard tells you about developments you have not yet seen (change of job status, new application for a job you are following, applicant you follow being moved from one column to another, recruiter comment, etc.).

If you browse all your notifications or click "Mark everything as read”, the icon will fade.

In addition, within each application pipeline, a blue border indicates applications that have never been opened:

As well as these indicators on the Welcome Kit dashboard, you will be emailed:

  • A daily summary of all activities that have taken place in the tool over the last 24 hours for the jobs you are following (for more information, click HERE)
  • Every time there is an email discussion with an applicant to whom you are assigned (for more information, click HERE)
  • Whenever one of your colleagues mentions you via "@Alias" (for more information, click HERE)

Finally, please note that it is not possible to receive an email for every new application. 

If you want to be informed in real time of all applications and events, you can set up a Slack integration by clicking your company logo at the top left: Organisation Settings > Integration (for more information, click HERE).

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