With teams, you can classify your jobs on your welcomekit.co careers site.

An example with three teams:

  • Product
  • Project Management
  • General Services

All jobs without a team will appear in the Others section.

To edit teams, click Settings (top left) > Company > Teams:

This screen allows you to add a new team, make a team visible or hidden and change the name of a team (by clicking the team concerned).

You can link a job to a team at the beginning of the creation/edit form:

You can also classify your careers site jobs by location with offices: to change the way jobs are displayed, simply contact us on the chat tool at the bottom right or via hello@wttj.co.

Finally, you can find classification by team on your Welcome Kit dashboard (for more information, click HERE), but not on your Welcome to the Jungle profile.

The only sorting criteria on your Welcome to the Jungle profile are the business fields you set at the start of the job creation form.

For more information:

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