If you have a, ATS different from Welcome Kit, you can contact us so that we can activate the field allowing you to redirect your candidates to it. 

You will then simply paste the URL of your ads when creating / editing an offer at the end of section 2, in the field "2.3. Redirect your candidates to an external TTY".

When adding a new link (or deleting an existing link), it takes a few minutes for the manipulation to be effective.

⚠️Caution : the insertion of this link does not create an automatic link between your career site and your Welcome to the Jungle profile, so any modification within your ATS (deletion of an offer in particular) must be followed by an update in your Welcome Kit dashboard, in order to avoid redirection errors.

For more information:

On how to link your own site to your Welcome to the Jungle profile click HERE

On how to set up a career site that reflects your image from Welcome Kit, click HERE.

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