⚠️ No email is automatically sent when an applicant moves from one column to another!

However, you can use the "Refuse and send an email" feature to save yourself a lot of time!

When you click this link:

1/ The applicant in question is moved to the "Refused" column

2/ The word "Refused" appears in the applicant's status in their Applicant space

3/ The form for sending an email is pre-filled with the refused email template. All you have to do is check it, add to it if necessary, and confirm that the email is ready to be sent!

To save even more time, we advise you to configure your email templates:

Finally, with bulk actions (Sourcing feature) you can send the same email to several applicants in just a few clicks.

For more information:

  • On email templates, click HERE
  • On bulk actions, click HERE
  • On the information that can be seen in the applicant area, click HERE
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