The point of email templates is to save you time by customising the responses sent to applicants at the various stages of the recruitment process.

You can access them via Settings > Email Templates. 

There are two things to be aware of:

  • The "Application received" email is automatically sent to all applicants who have applied to a job or submitted a speculative application. This can be customised or disabled.
  • The "Application refused" email is sent when you use "Refuse and send an email" from an applicant profile.

You can create as many email templates as you like. 

Note that they are the same for all members of your organisation.

For each template, you can use Markdown syntax and automatic variables to save yourself a lot of time! 

Example below:

If you would like to introduce new variables, please contact us:!

Finally, with grouped actions (Sourcing feature) you can send the same email to multiple applicants in just a few clicks.

For more information:

  • On the potential of grouped actions, click HERE
  • On the "Refuse and send an email" feature, click HERE
  • On Markdown syntax, click HERE
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