In the applicants section, you can use a search to find your Welcome Kit applicants.

For each applicant record, the data indexed for the search are: job, applicant status in the recruitment process (New, Refused, etc.), previous position, email address, tags.

"Add tag" appears in the Applications tab just below the applicant's avatar.

In addition, filters make it possible to restore archived applications and select applicants according to different criteria:  

  • The job for which they applied
  • Their status in the recruitment process (New, To Meet, Interview, etc.)
  • Where their application came from (Welcome to the Jungle, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Tags linked to their profile
  • Their average rating at the end of recruiter assessments (for Sourcing Pack users)

In each job, the activity feed on the right allows you to filter applications by tag(s) or by assigned recruiter(s) to find the profiles that interest you more easily.

This use of filters in a job will then allow you to use bulk actions to quickly comment on the selected applications, send an email to the applicants, archive them, etc.

For more information:

  • On bulk actions, click HERE
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