Assigning a job to a recruiter means they can be notified about developments to it. If they are a limited user, assigning a job gives them access to it.

Notifications associated with jobs are as follows:

  • Summary of the different developments to the job (new applications, likes, comments, etc.) via a daily email sent out every morning at 9:00
  • Email responses from applicants (learn more)
  • Reminder as the automatic archiving date approaches (two months after the job is posted online)

You can assign a job to a recruiter in three different ways:

1/ Via the Activity menu to the right of the application pipeline for a job:

  • Click a recruiter's avatar to remove them from the list of people notified
  • Click the cross to add another company recruiter to the list of people notified

2/ Via Step 4 of the job edit form:

3/ Via a member's page (via Settings > Members) and the "Daily notifications for the following jobs" section:

A recruiter can also choose “Follow/Do Not Follow" for each job in their member area.

If necessary, you can choose to only follow certain applicants.

Finally, please note that you can unsubscribe from the morning summary (daily notification email covering the jobs to which you are subscribed).

For more information:

  • On how to only follow certain applicants, click HERE
  • On how to unsubscribe from the morning activity summary, click HERE
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