Roles/statuses are used to set up the rights of each Welcome Kit user. There are three different options:

  • Admin: can do everything in the tool
  • Standard User: can do everything apart from manage billing and permissions for other members, plus create a free careers site
  • Limited User: can only view the application pipeline for jobs on which they are a recruiter (for more information click HERE), but cannot create a new job or edit the content in an existing job

What's more, job expiry date notifications are only sent to users with Admin status.

Finally, you can change a user's role via Settings > Members, by clicking the name of the user concerned, then Edit.

For more information:

  • On how to add other members of your team to Welcome Kit, click HERE
  • On how to assign a job to a recruiter, click HERE
  • On creating a careers site that looks like your brand, click HERE
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