You can now view your HR events (conferences, forums, meetups, open days, etc. for applicants wanting to learn more about your company or an employment-related topic) in a dedicated tab on Welcome to the Jungle

Here is how to do it:

⚠️ You will need Admin or Standard User status.

Start by going to the Events tab by clicking your logo in the top left of your dashboard, then click the Events field.

On this page you will find all active events on your relevant profile tab (e.g.

The Add Event button in the top right allows you to enter all the information needed to publish a new HR event:

  • Category: to be selected from the drop-down list (Recruitment Forum, Hackathon, Meetup, Open Day)
  • Event name: title given to the event
  • Start date and time: to be selected from the calendar
  • End date and time
  • Address: Google Maps suggestions will come up
  • Description: with a Markdown text editor
  • URL to register for your event

⚠️ Non-HR events will be moderated by the Welcome to the Jungle team.

Please note that the entire form must be completed for your event to be published on Welcome to the Jungle.

Once all the fields have been filled in, click the Save button to create a draft version of your event.

You then simply need to click the status icon at the bottom right to publish the event.

To the right of each Event banner, the View on WTTJ button allows you to switch to the public page for your Event and share it on social media by clicking the special icon below the map showing the event location.

For more information:

  • On how to share an event with your community (on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter), click HERE
  • On how to edit an event published on Welcome to the Jungle (information and status: published, draft, archived), click HERE
  • On how to use Markdown syntax, click HERE
  • On different statuses in Welcome Kit, click HERE
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